Heidi Klum chatting up Barrack Obama

I guess I’ll just come out and admit it… I am partly responsible for the ungodly and shameless promotion of condoms among European teens.  My apologies to all you christian folk out there. Promoting abstinence just doesn’t work. There is simply too much scientific evidence out there that it doesn’t. (on the other hand, being christians, perhaps science does not mean that much to you? Or is that jumping to conclusions?).

poster-lovelips-close-up-VROUWENSo, teenagers have sex and since they do, best to do it safely. Sometimes, that’s a difficult thing to discuss with a new partner. Especially in Europe where you have all these different languages.  Our campaign team and our advertising agency have come up with a very smart(phone) digital help for that.  And we’ve named it Lovelips. Dutch teenagers can download the iPhone app form the iPhone store (search for Lovelips. Why not? Heck, it’s free) or fo to the mobile site with their smartphone and download the app. Now they have loads of corny lines to chat up that Italian babe or Spanish stud and several ways to say they only practice safe sex as well.

One of the bigger fans of Lovelips has made a film in which Heide Klum and Barrack Obama are chatting each other up. Big hurrah for the online community for their support. 😉


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