Lance and Shephard / sport and art

Two things I enjoy: cycling and art. Two people I admire: Lance Armstrong and Shephard Fairey.
shep-helmetI have blogged before about how cycling is the purest form of art among all sports and how the Tour de France could be considered the Hamlet within that artform. It just felt right to bring those two passions together. I could also have written about the amazing artful design of racing or MTB cycles, but that would bring a whole new discipline into it. Bikes are not designed to be artful, they are designed to perform. But Shephard Fairey changed that. He made a great design for a great bike (and helmet); Lance’s Livestrong Trek Madone 1274. Perhaps not a wet dream of every cycling enthusiast, but a frame that will keep you awake at night nonetheless.

Design by Shepard FaireyI saw pictures of this frame on Lance Armstrong’s twitter stream and looking at the pictures, it would appear he plans to ride on this frame during the Tour of Italy. Should that really happen, there is no more denying that no sport has more art to it than cycling. Personally, I hope that after Shephard helped Obama to a historic victory in the presidential race, he\’ll help Lance win a historic victory in Paris. You just gotta love the fact that Lance´s bike says ´Obey´ on the ballhead. Go Lance!

Fortunately, Lance is very active on Twitter (good to know, the boss arrived safely in Rome and is eagerly awaiting the start of the Giro) and he posted a new link to both the Shephard Fairey designed bike as also the design made by Kenny Sharff. I cannot stop looking at this amazing time trial bike. Whoa!

Click on the images to go to the SuperTouch site where you can see larger images. Keep in mind however that the artists only designed what is printed on the frames, not the actual frames. This information goes without saying for people familiair with the sport, but for art afficionados this might be relevant news. The SuperTouch website does state that they are two majorly different designs… but that’s one is a time trial bike, and the other one is a ‘normal’ racing bike. just so you know. 🙂

Want to read more on Lance, Livestrong and art? Supertouch has written more news about that here.


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