Nathan Frizzell keeps on dreaming

True Believer 2008
True Believer 2008

Don’t we all just hate the wakin’ world of adult life? Whatever happened to running around in the mud only to come back home because your mother calls that dinner is ready? I don’t know about you, but for me the excitement of my first new smartphone came nowhere near the excitement of my first GI Joe.

Financial independence and being allowed to stay up late are great, but also came at a cost. Only when we dream do we still have the ability to shape our own world, just like when we were kids. Those sentimental feelings flowed through me when confronted with the works of Nathan Frizzell. Deep inside this mature exterior there’s still a superhero hidden somewhere. And when I sleep, I still know I can fly. Frizzell’s beautifully painted images make you close your eyes and see what’s painted inside.

Nathan Frizzell - untitled 2006
Untitled 2006
Crow Ride 2008


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