Time for a new search engine startup

I am a total non-coder when it comes to computers (or anything else for that matter). I suck at math, don’t even know the difference between a logarithm and an algorithm… However, had I been a computer whizz, I would’ve started my own software firm to develop just one thing; a search engine.

From Google to great

Speed, relevance, reliability
Speed, relevance, reliability

Why, you ask, isn’t Google good enough for you? Well, thank you for asking (nice to show an interest) and: yes it is. It’s damn near perfect to be honest, but whether or not Google is ‘good’ is not the point. A new search engine doesn’t have to be better (in terms of speed, relevance and reliability) than Google. It doesn’t even have to match it. The need for a new search engine isn’t technical, it’s mental. In the hearts and minds of a growing number of people, Google is too big, too commercial. It’s becoming too scary. Google is no longer very credible as the ‘not-enemy’ (mainly meaning: not Microsoft).

Goddamn treehuggin hippies

Volunteers, anyone?
Of course, there are some alternatives for those that wish not to use Google or Yahoo. But initiatives like the human powered search engine Mahalo won’t actually cut it. Mahalo is just too much annoyingly tree-huggin’ happy and cheerful. And you can’t find a damn thing with it either. We need and want tech to do that sort of thing. A search engine like gigablast for example looks too much like it was built in the USSR (before the iron curtain came down, that is). Melzoo on the other hand looks great, works ‘okay’ but is too reliant on a ‘not very necessary’ innovation; showing you a surfable the webpage it’s found for your query in a side bar (a small improvement over ask’s former usp feature)… it doesn’t really work for me.

It’s not about the results that a search engine comes up with, as long as it’s basically ‘okay’ (admit it, unless you’re a researcher or journalist you can’t tell the difference in quality between Google and yahoo or Microsoft search), it’s about the brand. So, if no one else does it, I guess I’ll just have to get my savings together and buy some old obsolete search engine technology myself and position it as some hip yet lefty internet start-up. Should that be the case, watch out Forbes 500. Bankers going down, new search engine techie coming up.

Maybe WordPress’s own search engine will be on top of my bookmark list soon?

Edwin Valent added a great tip recently: cuil (which, apparently, is the Irish word for ‘knowledge’). I have to agree… that’s looking pretty good.

Who knew Ray Ozzie reads my blog? Or perhaps it was Bill himself who heard about it and put together a team to build Bing, the Google killa.


8 reacties op ‘Time for a new search engine startup

  1. I would like to talk to someone who has the same interest as me. Yes, a new search engine business is on the horizon. Short but sweet, I want to start a new search engine business. I own a perfect, and when I say perfect I mean perfect domain for just such an adventure. Google will find out soon, with the proper A-Team behind this that they have left one stone unturned. In fact I have consulted some people about this domain name to use as a search engine and they have said it is fail safe! If interested in this message, please contact Jason Isler @ searchenginebiz@gmail.com, as I am in search for a partnership in this matter, hopefully with a computer science degree and serious capital.

    Jason Isler

  2. Bing definitely is setting some trends in the future of Search, regarding layout. Another technology which nobody has probably heard of comes from a small search engine startup in Florida, called SEOENG. Allegedly some guy from Google’s search team left and started up this company. I would expect this technology and others from startups like it to make their way into search engines in the near future.

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