Solidarity brother!

In the midst of all this economic turmoil (I always wanted to use that in a proper sentence… ‘turmoil’…) bankers keep on receiving big, fat bonuses. The same whiteboard criminals (or idiots) that plunged us all in the financial crisis don’t care one bit about ‘the regular Joe’ in the street, who’s lost his house, his job and his self-respect. There are mass lay-offs everywhere, and the bankers are off to a well deserved skiing holiday. More and more, people are protesting in the streets against this, demanding solidarity of these bankers with the rest of us.


Bankers don’t care about this. But, then again, neither would these ‘Joe the plumbers‘. How I know? Well, these hardworking men and women have another scapegoat as well. They are called ‘migrant workers’ and ‘people in developing nations’. In these difficult times, all migrant workers should be kicked out. British workers come first’, or ‘Canada is for Canadians’ and ‘the US have done enough for them, in these times we should look after our own.’ All this means, of course, is that we’d sooner have a child in Africa die of starvation than give up our own second television set. Or the fact that I am no longer employed as a desk jockey is due to the fact that a Pakistani immigrant has stolen my job.

Let’s face it: we don’t really care about the ‘poor people’ in developing nations.  At most, we feel a faint guilt, we’re willing to buy off when we have money in abundance. But when it comes down to me not being able to afford steak seven days a week or a water supply for an entire village in Bangladesh… well, it’s not like they’re ever gonna thank us for it… Same with those ‘damn foreigners taking our jobs’. We’re not stopping to think that those hardworking people actually make a much larger contribution to our society than they will ever get back. And  a lot of the time they’re doing the jobs we no longer want, since we are way too spoiled to do them ourselves.

So, we have no solidarity with those that are a lot less well off than we are. Because we don’t care and because we don’t know anyone in Africa. here’s a bit of news. Those top-financial bankers, don;t know any ‘regular Joes‘ either. they’ve never met one except for the guy that cleans the pool. So of course there’s no solidarity. They don’t know you, so they don’t care about you. Does that make them lousy scum? Yes it does. Just don’t think that you’re necessarily any better than they are.


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