Benedict XVI says: ‘No nookie’.

popeThe roman-catholic standin for Jesus Christ (Pope Benedict XVI) has declared that promoting condoms is not a good way to fight the HIV pandemic. In his view it’s much more effective to promote abstinence. Tell people: “no nookie before marriage.” As scientific evidence shows: Pope Benedict is very much wrong in his opinion. Which is yet another embarassment for the roman catholic church, since Mr. Ratzinger seems to be making a nasty habit of being wrong. I do think you’ll find less bishops that would deny this, than you’d find bishops that would deny the historical acurateness of the holocaust.

But let’s not sink to a bit of pope-bashing. There’s a lot of scientific evidence out there that the least effective way to combat the hiv pandemic is by promoting abstinence. It has also been proved that promoting condoms does not lead to more or more promiscues sex. Condoms should be available. Just like good education. And, perhaps most importantly, woemn should be more empowered. Especially that last part is a very effective weapon against the spreading of hiv/aids.  But there does not seem to be much point in telling that to the pope, empowering women is just about the opposite of what the catholic church aims to do.


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