Lance & crimefighting 2.0

He hasn’t actually won any races yet this season, but already he is the man of the season: Lance Armstrong. And if he doesn’t get the most attention by competing, he’ll get the best coverage by fighting crime, 2.0 style.

Lance's time trial bike
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Lance was competing in a race in California when someone broke into their team-truck and stole his bike. Lance, who is a very active Twitterer (?), twittered: “Whoa! They just came to my room and said our truck was broken into and someone stole my time trial bike. Wtf! APB out to the twitterati.” So far, nothing new. A couple of months ago, my bike got stolen in Brighton as well. Granted: Lance’s Trek Livestrong 1274 is a bit more expensive, but my 4700 was a Trek as well…

Moving on. Besides the ‘twitterati’ also the good members of the Facebook community joined the search for Lance’s bike, initiated by mr. Schwarzenegger’s office. And – oh joy- four days later, the bike turned up at a Sacramento police station. Lance on Twitter “Oh!! They recoverred the bike! Don’t have details yet but it’s apprantly on it’s way here. Thanks to the Sacramento P D for the help!”

Maybe Lance could twitter about the unlawful changing of owner of my Silver grey Trek 4700 in the Brighton (UK) area, in September 2008? That would be great, thanks!


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