Vatican birth-control idiocy

I will not go into the matter of the likelihood of the existence of a god*. For argument’s sake, let’s say that a god exists. Then how arrogant would it be for us to assume what this god does and/or does not want? The roman-catholic Vatican is not one of the most humble institutions on this earth and they claim to be wise enough to inform the world that god does not want us to use any form of contraceptive except for abstanance. A complete idiotic standpoint, but also one that has caused an enormous amount suffering and even death around the world for many centuries.

papagiornBirth control causes pollution
Religion has nothing to do with science whatsoever, but th Vatican keeps trying. Their researchers now claim in the newspaper of the Vatican, Osservatore Romano, that the birth control pill causes chemical pollution which leads to environmental disaster. All the hormones that these women pee out has caused many men to have become infertile.

Not hilarious. Tragic.
Pedro Jose Maria Simon Castellvi, president of the international federation of catholic medical societies says that they have collected enough proof for their claim, which is so absurd that it would be hilarious, if it wasn’t so tragic. A bit along the lines of their ridiculous and faulty claim that a condom does not protect you from HIV-infection.

Science says:
Genuine science says that a condom does in fact protect you against the HIV virus. Scientific research has also shown that the religious abstanance programmes to prevent HIV infection spread, are not effective. Scientist will also tell you that this new claim against the birth control pill is complete nonsense. Perhaps the Vatican should be less concerned about what a god would think about contraceptives and more about how he feels about pedophilia?

* Ok, I will go into it anyway. It’s not very likely. 😉


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