Profile-site fatigue

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I recently wrote a post about two social networking sites; Worldcommute and Greenlightride.  Both aiming towards environmentally aware, active, healthy and basically fun people. Sort, people like me, but fun and healthy. After getting my profile page and looking around I got the feeling that such a site is a pretty good idea and everything looks great, BUT. Was I ever going to use either? Would I bother logging in and updating regularly? Would I ever find any of my friends there so be able to share the experience. I doubted it. And already I can say that I was probably right. after one week, I stopped logging in. Not because the sites are no good, but because I suffer from severe ‘Profile site fatigue’.

I work on several different computers and laptops and I don’t have all the same bookmarks on all of them, but on the one I’m writing on now I see the following list of sites on which I have invested -some- time: WordPress (obviously), Flickr, Youtube,, Facebook, Myspace, Digg, Twitter, Gawker, Tumblr, Linkedin, Hyves, Plazes, Bebo, Netlog, Ipernity, Nowpublic and Flavorpill…  I am sure I forgot a couple and even a lot of these I never use, nor visit.

And even more of those things are on the way. And with the new open standard, you can start plugging all of those sites with all of the others, which will constantly remind you of all those other sites that you haven’t updated in while. And not all of those sites are updated by merely listening to your music like Last. You gotta do stuff. Send text mnessages where you are and what you’re doing. Write posts about what you’re thinking and waht you’ve read. Send photos and movies about what and who you’ve seen….

Are there social networking sites for overworked and stressed out compulsive profile site collectors yet? I think I may need some counselling…


2 reacties op ‘Profile-site fatigue

  1. hello! the worldcommute team can understand your profile collection dilemmas! Not to worry… we’ll soon be adding some feature to integrate with your life more easily via other more popular social networking sites, desktop widgets, phone applications, group and challenge features, etc. sit tight and we’ll be sure to keep you posted as these new updates pop up!

    In the meantime — please continue to commute by bike whenever possible… as that is the ultimate goal! (Of course we’d love if you logged those miles on….. but we really just want to share the love and beauty of commuting by bike!)

    Have a wonderful holiday! Best Regards, Ellen

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