Unreal installations – art by Leandro Erlich

There cannot be a better place to start getting a message across than from complete amazement. If you manage to get your audience to drop their jaw on the concrete because of the complete magic that you have created in front of their eyes, they’ll want to know more about the how, what and why.

Leandro Erlich - Swimming Pool (1999)

The Argentinean artist Leandro Erlich usually gets his inspiration from everyday architecture and human emotion, which sounds harmless enough. But upon looking at his work ‘Window and Ladder’ however, which is subtitled ‘Too Late For Help’ and placed in New Orleans, you cannot escape the idea that some political criticism is lurking around the corner. Politics aren’t ignored by Erlich, who also created the illusion of a snow slope for the seventh Biennial of Havanna on which he photographed Cubans. A clever comment on the international isolation of Cubans.

Leandro Erlich - Smoking Room (2006)

But politics never get the upper hand in Erlich’s works. They retain a certain magic even though the scenes always seem very familiar. They can almost make you jealous of the fact that even though you always felt that Erlich is showing that which you’ve always known, you never possessed the creativity to capture it in just the right way like he does.

Leandro Erlich - Window and Ladder (2008)

Should you want more information about Leandro Erlich’s work (as I can imagine you would), you can read a nice interview with the artist on the Artkrush website; click here.

All pictures taken from Leandro Erlich’s website.


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