Rockin’ cups – Plastic Streetart

Art is like life, you have to evolve or you die. The same goes for ‘streetart’ (if you can call that a separate genre). However, as with the biological evolution; not every genetic string will prove to be successful enough to evolve into a separate species. One of these ‘less succesful’ (even tough it’s really cool) is -probably- cuprocking (which is not a new sex-thing by the way). A good idea by a Sydney-based streetartist Andy Uprock, sticking plastic cups in wired fences to make really cool looking ambient streetart. Uprock managed to create an Australian, underground and online hype, with good chances of turning it into a worldwide street phenomenon. Attention for Cuprocking is rising. It’s been picked up by the likes of Mooks (check link, great video), Vice and MTV. I think it would be really cool if we could see that stuff everywhere, at least: for a while. Plastic cups tend to get dirty and broken by weather and time and thus cease to be art and turn into litter. So far for the cradle to cradle mechanism as an artform.

cuprocking_3You can look at it any way you want. You can say it’s a critical answer to consumer society, where waste is being used to make the streets more beautiful. To raise awareness in a society about how we are all enslaved by economies and marketing. You might think that and you might just as well be right. My personal view however, is that it’s just cool to watch. And not political. We should just be amazed by this artful hype, which challenges streetartists tot a different kind of creativity.


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