Quatro homens et al.

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[four men are not a registered trademark]

Four men are disoriented, frustrated, melancholical. Four men are pushed into a rat race. It was not a choice, it just happened. Four men woke up one morning and found out they were expected to ‘get ahead’. Trapped in a fast flowing stream that was moving them up. Four men lost their ‘gung ho’ mentality. It gently floated away, mocking them. Four men were sucked into a two-point-o world. Not being granted a chance to step aside and actually seeing somehting, not just looking. Four men are always together. But they are suprised that they notice one another. Four men want to shirk their responsibilities. But feel as if they no longer know how. Four men don’t want to deny that what they are part of. Choosing Utopia over ignorance, choosing earth over Eden. Four men are not evil.


Four men wish they could sleep, since being awake has not yet brought the a dream.


[uv protection shield protects from ultraviolet and solar radiation. It offers ten times higher protection against the degradation of refelected laser beam caused by sunlight]

Four men is no yet a movement.

Four men is barely a group.

Four men is an idea.

Four men is a good place to start.

[\end, for real.]

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