McCain is a great loser

I’m not kicking a man when he’s down. When I say ‘McCain is a great loser‘, I actually mean that as a compliment. A big compliment, for a great politician. In Europe, columnists and journalists like to make fun of American politics. About how it’s a all a show. Popidol or Fame Academy for the presidency. Presidential candidates are performing artists, that merely follow directions of strategists how instruct them what to say, when to say it an how to say it. Great hair is more important than sound ideology. And then there was the election night. One man stood victorious and another had to admit to defeat. John McCain taught European politicians a lesson they should remember. As a true hero he stood tall and proud and gave a performance all Americans should be proud of.

1104_mccains450x253In Phoenix, McCain called for unity, not polarisation. His message to all Americans, including republican voters, to go stand behind the new president to work together on rebuilding America from the situation it is now, lifted the election night above others. After losing an election, many politician would have responded differently. Insuring their voters that they would keep on looking out for the interests of their own electorate, even though they represented a minority. They would give the winners a hard time. McCain showed that you can be a patriot first, and a politician second. Looking at it that way, he may not have lost at all.

So, America can change. Perhaps we all can.


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