Bradley effect

Could we please never hear of the Bradley effect again?
Could we please never hear of the Bradley effect again?

Could we , pleasepleaseplease, never hear of this ‘Bradley effect’ (according to Wikipedia aka Wilder effect) ever again? It does not exist. The idea that voters would not admit to not wanting to vote for a non-white candidate in a poll is ridiculous. The Bradley effect was created as an excuse for failing polls. In normal language: someone F#*ked up BIG. Obviously,if you are a respectable news network, you can never admit to making such a big, big mistake. So you invent an excuse. And you call it the Bradley effect.

For this election, about 20% of voters said that ‘race’ was an important factor in their decission of which candidate to vote for. And who did these people vote for? 55% of them voted Obama.

That being said, I have a lot of faith in the exit polls we’re seeing right now. Things look very hopeful for the democrats. On CNN they currently lead 81 to 34 electoral vote. BBC even has them leading 103 to 49… Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a BBC effect…


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