Space invaders

Admittedly; what I am about to write about is not exactly ‘on the edge of current events’, but still. I think it is good to take a small step back sometimes and enjoy what beautiful things have been done in the last couple of years.

As a kid, I was a big fan of Space Invaders. And the fact that I wasn’t the only one, was proved by the Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond. In 2006, during the Belluard Bollwerk International Festival, he played the biggest Space Invaders game in human history, as part of the Game Over project. Not played by one person, but played (or should I say: acted) by no less than 67 people (or should I say: pixels). And this is excluding the crew. I think the video he made is absolutely beautiful (I actually prefer this over the Youtube award winning ‘tetris’) and I’d like to spread the joy. So: enjoy.


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