Meanwhile… customs will read your cybersexchatlogs.

Obviously, no one does the ‘cyber’ thing anymore. The twentieth century has long passed after all. And who stores confidential business data on a laptop? Only idiots would do such a thing. So, actually everybody wins, except for idiots and criminals. Hardworking, honest people have nothing to hide, so they have nothing to fear. Wondering what I’m talking about? Well, while everybody is very much focused on the credit crunch and the US White House election, plans are for Europe to follow the American example to grant customs officers the right to seize your laptop and go through your files. Privacy? Well, the twentieth century has long passed after all.

And the seizure of your laptop is not the resulting measure after having raised suspicion. no, it can be just random. I don;t know about you, but I have a big, big problem with someone going through my personal files, stored on my personal laptop. Holiday pictures, blogpostings in progress, my resumé, or correspondence with my insurance. ‘Nothing to hide, nothing to fear’, my arse.

Apparently, this is yet another measure that is supposed to make us feel safe from a terrorist threat. Which is a nonsense argument. What sort of a lame terrorist would ‘smuggle’ threatening info on a laptop computer when sending an encrypted file over the net is faster, safer and more reliable? It may also have something to do with -again- copyright laws. If one of those customs guys takes hold of your laptop and find an entire mp3 collection of Burt Bacharrac on it, you can expect to find a nice unexpected bill in your mailbox soon.

In the end it’s all about control. I do not think that the government is out to get us. I do however, have a strong suspicion that they are out to control us. More information will not lead to better security, since there is no way that all that information you gather can actually be researched. You’re just adding pieces to an already complete puzzle. All the information to prevent 9-11 was there, but there was so much information on the table no one managed to oversee it all. So this laptop seizing thing will actually make us less safe.

But who cares. There is actually no way you can be against this. If you are pro-privacy nowadays, you are also considered pro-terrorism. If you think this is something to fear, apparently you have something to hide.

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