Robotics in paint – Art by Eric Joyner

I have no idea who’s working for them, but I sure like the taste of the person responsible for planning shows at The Corey Helford Gallery. In september they hosted a show with beautiful works by the amazing painter Eric Joyner.

Eric Joyner is a robotics artist. Not that builds robots, he paints them (okay, maybe he does do some building, but that’s not relevant here…). But not like Futurists or constructivists would paint them. Eric is a romantic when it comes to our mechanical, electronical friends. Beautifully, lushly painted sceneries show various loveable (and very human) robots in everyday situations. In forests, theme parks, restaurants or just on the streets. In several paintings you don’t even notice the robots at first because they blend in so naturally.

Joyner’s main occupation after graduating from the Academy of

Art in San Francisco is as an illustrator. and this also shows in his works as a painter. Well balanced compositions, clear lines that make it easy for the viewer to see waht story the artist is trying to tell. Fortunately Joyner combines that gift with a healthy dose of love for paint, with which he is very generous. Joyners paintings never feel as mechanical as his subjects: tin robots. And that creates exactly the sort of tension that lift his works from merely pretty to look at, to beautiful art.


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