Step AWAY from the toy – Art by Frank Kozik

Common misconsception: “it is small, it is made from ‘some sort of plastic’ (vinyl), it looks like a fantasy action figure… so it’s a kids toy.”;  Should you encounter a person that reasons like that, just walk away. Otherwise things might start getting ugly. And by no means let a child near your Frank Kozik. This is something you shouldn’t be messing with…

Crime Pays - by Frank Kozik
Crime Pays - by Frank Kozik

Spanish born Frank Kozik lives and works in Austin, Texas. His creative career didn’t start out as a genius toy maker. His first claim to fame was as the designer of rock’n roll poster art. Kozik didn’t make his first ‘toy’ until 2001, the Black Smorkin Labbit.

Since then, Kozik’s made a lot of almost iconic toys. With great sense of ‘dark humour’ as he calls it, he develops intriguing, surprising and sometimes unsettling vinyl, mass production sculptures. And even though nothing is quite as uncool as ‘collecting’ anything, there is nothing wrong with having a couple of Kozik’s around the house. A personal favorite is a more recent work, a Ho Chi Min bust with a hat and AK47 that you can take of or put on as you desire (‘You can remove his AK-47 and peasant hat, but you’ll never take his communist values’, as kidrobot puts it) Especially the pink version is more than a little exciting. Only 50 of these are made, so potential buyers needs to be quick.

Ho Chi Minh bust - Kozik
Ho Chi Minh bust - Kozik

n excellent interview with Frank Kozik can be found on the Vinyl Pulse website, which leaves no additional info to be desired. Should you (rightly) have gotten all excited about owning your own personal Frank Kozik toy to admire day in day out, visit the online Nevermind gallery or the Kidrobot webshop. Both have an extensive catalogue of Kozik stuff (Nevermind has a lot of cover art) and much much more to view and… buy.


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