A small world after all – Art by Willy Rojas

A couple of days ago I visited the Open Art Fair in Utrecht (Netherlands) where I first saw the work of Colombian born artist Willy Rojas. Rojas now works and lives in Barcelona where he specializes in very accessible photography. Colourful, bright and humoristic. Little miniature figures, posing in worlds of fruit ’n veg. For a moment you’re actually convinced that there’s probably nothing more there. Just an optimistic scenery that provokes a smile. Pleasing to the eye for a moment and then it’s gone.

Willy Rojas - Sunny side Up
Willy Rojas - Sunny side Up

Rojas has a good eye for composition and he definitely knows how to take a picture, but that’s hardly enough for a photograph to stick in my mind a couple of days later. What makes his pictures work for me is that they somehow seem to catch the bizarre little things in life, without desperately trying to be funny. It’s the way Willy might see things. Life might just not make sense. What we do might not make sense. On the other hand, is that so important? Don’t take yourself too serious, but do what you the best way you know how.

I admit that this interpretation might just be me, trying to unravel hidden layers and deeper meaning. The only advice that I can give you is take a look at Willy Rojas’ work and see what you think for yourself. A good chance for UK residents might be at the Glasgow Art Fair, 23-26 april 2009, or contact the Villa del Arte galleries that represent him.


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