We are still alive

Good news everybody. You are reading this, so we are still here. CERN with their gigantic Large Hadron Collider has not sucked us all into a big man-made black hole yet. The apocalypse is not yet upon us. Maybe, just maybe, they will succeed at that later on.

Actually, looking at their live webcast, the whole process looks rather dull. just a couple of guys in white overalls  walking around, probably thinking about what they’re going to have for lunch. It doesn’t really look like the heroïc quest for finding the meaning of life which it is (really, it is). Until the Higgs boson (aka God particle) is found I think I will mainly feel bad for the Tevatron near Chicago. just imagine how that thing must feel, all those years of being the most impressive man-made machine and now becoming ‘merely’ number two. Poor thing.

I bet that if the god particle is found, it will look something like the Rubik’s cube. Math scientists have been looking for god’s number (the number of moves with which you can solve any Rubik’s cube) for decades now. At this point, the lowest figure that has been ‘proven’ is 26. It took Sony’s supercomputers which were used for this project on downtime when they were not rendering 3D animation films no less than 63 hours to calculate it. To be able to bring this number down to the suspected actual god’s number of 20 would take many, many more years of hard computer processing hours. Maybe the LHC could solve that one as well?

In the meantime… watch the world record solving of a Rubik’s cube here.


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