Slow down – Art by Oksana Badrak

In our modern day society, everything has to be simple, easy and fast (what Benjamin R. Barber called, the ‘infantalisation’ of our society). Which doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. The problem is that this ethos is also translated to segments of our society where speed and simpleness stand in the way of real appreciation. Some things have to harder in order to fully appreciate them. E.g. compare reading this fast and utterly simple blog, with reading a great novel and you know what I mean.

Art is not compatible with simple, easy and fast either. That goes for both the creation of art as for the appreciation of it. You have to invest to get the full reward.

These thoughts drifted through my head what I felt when confronted with works by Russian artist Oksana Badrak. Her works are very skillfully and carefully made with great eye for detail and composition. The creation process itself takes time as well; starting out with digital elements, then going to a giclée print, then a layer of varnish and at last a layer of oil paint. That’s a big time investment in an era where you can buy a car online within 30 seconds.

Looking at the fantastical works she creates you can almost feel time slowing down around you. You get sucked into a world of calm, without it being a world for mere wimps. Her works are not ‘girly’ or ‘sweet’, there are rough edges there. But all of a sudden, since you have the time to appreciate the complete work, you can handle it. Just throw your Blackberry and machiatto in the bin and go see a friend for a cup of real coffee and an actual conversation about the world’s Badrak’s created.

That’s what really matters in life anyway.

Works by Oksana Badrak. Please visit her website for more information and images.


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