An inconvenient conspiracy theory

Hey kids. Are you fed up with all that negative talk about the environment by those nasty, pessimistic (smelly?) tree-hugging conservationist hippies out there? Are you very sceptical about this ‘global warming’ thing being caused by human action? If you are, the blog axischange is definitely something you should visit. I don’t think I have ever seen such a collection of seemingly concinving pseudo-scientific evidence about a major government cover up since that loose change ‘documentary’ (they also have in commons that neither are in any way backed up by serious science).

So, what’s their claim? Global warming is not caused by human doing, it is caused by a two stage shift in the earth’s axis of 26 degrees (one in late 2004 and one in early 2005). Why didn’t we, the people, notice? Well, as axischange puts it: the Global Positioning System (GPS) broke down at these times and ‘the government’ covered these shifts up. And, apparantly, we wouldn’t notice the change in the position of the stars in the nightsky either. Sound spooky huh? Yes, spooky and… hilarious.

Before the more gullible among you go visit the site and get convinced, please keep in mind that a 26 percent shift in the earth’s axis would mean that large parts of the world would have daylight untill well after midnight and that everyone who owns a satelite dish would have had to seriously adjust it several times. Please take axischange for what it is: serious comedy. Don’t go and prepare yourself for the end of the world just yet.

This does not mean that there is nothing truly interesting to say about the earth however. The Institute of Geophysics in Paris have recently suggested that the reason the earth’s core transmits seismic waves faster in the eastern side than in the western side is, that there may subteranean cylones in the liquid iron outer core of our planet. The researcher Julien Aubert came to this conclusion on the basis of numerical simulations he developed. I do not remember reading anything about him finding a shift in the earths’s axis though. But I am sure the true conspiracy theorist can find a way to implement these finding into the axischange delusion.

Picturecredits where picture credits are due:

Top photo is of a ‘suspicious looking clowd’that hung over [the photographer] for hours’ and was copied of the axischange blog.

The second image was copied of Julien Aubert’s page on the Institue of Geophics and depicts  what according to his simulations happens beneath our feet. Please visit his site for a real explanation and more interesting information.


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