Got the hiccups? Then ya must be a fish…

FishChicago anatomist Neil Shubin has revealed and amazing explanation for one of mankind’s great mysteries: why-oh-why d we sometimes get the hiccups? In his book Your Inner Fish he writes that the hiccups are caused by an ancient trigger in our brainstem. Something that evolution hasn’t completely polished away. apparently our brainstems are inherited by prehistoric amphibians and they still, once in every while, give us some weird signals that cause us to get the hiccups. Apparently these signals are comparable to the gill breathing of fish.

BrainstemI guess this would explain why the chances of getting the hiccups increase when you’ve been drinking too much…
The hiccups are a case of atavism; evolutionary throwback. And as soon as your brain discovers that, surprise surprise, you actually have not had gills for millions of years because you have evolved into this fine human being, you will stop having the hiccups.

So, as a remedy for the hiccups; reading a book on philosophy would help loads better than drinking a glass of water upside down… with the water; it will take your brain a lot longer to be convinced that you actually are not a fish…


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