Everybody’s a photographer

Everybody’s a photographer‘ is just about as big a mistake as ‘everybody’s an artist‘. I am sympathetic towards the thought, but it’s just all wrong, dude. Photography is hard. It’s difficult to get a good shot with an intruiging subject, exciting composition… or just something that worth looking at. But since everyone is capable of the act of pushing the shutter button everybody’s able to make a registration of an image through a lens. And if the end result sucks… Let’s call it art.

Well… let’s not call it art. Let’s call it ‘crap’. Which is what it is, most of the time. With the rise of the digital camera, photography courses have been flooded and one amateur photography exhibition after the other has been organised. Flickr was worth millions when it was bought by Yahoo and why? Because everyone is a photographer.

I’ve just been leafing through the photography special of Juxtapoz, which is always a beacon of good taste in a world that’s becoming increasingly amateur-image-crazy, but in a lot of cases… I just don’t see it. Could it be that the photographer that managed to get his image up in a gallery and published in this magazine is way better at his/her PR than his/her photography work? I’d imagine so. Fortunately there are also a lot of gems to be discovered. Beautiful heart stopping images that made me gasp for air when I looked at them. My faith in photography as a mature art-form has been restored. With this posting, a couple of wonderful examples. Please click on images for links to the photographer’s websites.

Credit: all pictures published in the Juxtapoz photo-issue 2008 and taken from the Juxtapoz website. Photocredits top to bottom: Aaron Hobson, Patrick Smith, Alex Prager and Graham French (click on photos for their websites).


7 reacties op ‘Everybody’s a photographer

  1. “the photographer that managed to get his image up in a gallery and published in this magazine is way better at his/her PR than his/her photography work?”

    nah…I’d say it’s the fancy school they are from and the money bags they have. 😉

  2. Dang! People are always flooding my mail account with rainbows and flowers and sunsets. They don’t realize the time and effort, not to mention money I have put into the images I have. I am always healing from a fall or a bite/sting and sleep in my van because I had to get that last shoot in before dark and I’m to far to drive home.
    I often have some one corner me at the gallery and tell me how I got that picture and if I would have done thier way it would have been better. And now some HDR crap is the big thing. It’s not art just becasue YOU pushed a button and your house isn’t worth more just becasue YOU poop in it.
    Is every body a photographer? Yea…I guess they are.
    Oh look my puppy justed pooped on the carpet…aint that cute? Better get a picture for face book. “Like”

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