As we announced a couple of days ago, CultBlender is working on the definitive tool to make the final, objective and irrevocable verdict whether a work can be called ‘art’ or not. One aspect we will surely be part of the tool is that a work of art should move you in a way. There are some artforms however, where the movement is not merely a result of the art, it is a part of it. And I am not talking about the art of driving a Formula One car here.

The internet is a great place for making discoveries and expanding you world, but for theatre based arts it’s usually insufficient to give you a sufficient experience. Dancecompany ‘Zure Room‘ (translation: Sour Cream) have made a ‘Zure Room for beginners’ video, an introduction to their work that’s perfectly fitted for Youtube and all those who wander the world by roaming the internet in their small, damp, sweaty and unlit rooms. Art that moves, Movement as art, it’s all moving towards the digital age.


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