Drawing. Underappreciated. Bad. – Art by Chris Scarborough

I remember a primary school teacher saying to her class (including me), “Everyone can draw”. This is, of course, bollocks. It’s the same to say that just because there is an overwhelming majority of mankind that Chris Scarborough - Untitled (Chimera)can produce oral sounds everybody can sing. It’s a nice and generous thing to say, however it’s also a lie. Various seasons of those horrendous talent-scouting tv-programs like ‘popidol’, ‘fame academy’ and so on, have made this painfully clear.
Most of us are able to put down lines on paper which may be concisered ‘the act of drawing’. The end result of this intentional scribbling is, more often than not, not very appealing. Not everyone can draw. I would like to focus on the works of some of us that can.

Michael Borremans - Square of DespairThere is some much mediocre drawing going on around us that the true art is very much under-appreciated. Drawing is perceived as a children’s hobby or something you do while on the phone or in a boring meeting. If you truly want your work to be considered art you should have used a form of paint, or perhaps ink. A drawing isn’t a finished work.

On the picture log ‘This isn t happiness‘ I found works by the artist Chris Scarborough that prove differently. Chris makes brilliant drawings. Any application of paint whatsoever would have made his works much less effective. His drawings, to Chris Scarborough - The war babyme, seem to be what the drawing of Belgian artist Michael Borremans would may have looked like, had he chosen a career in Manga art. Beside his drawings you can also find (photoshopped) photo-works on Scarborough’s site, which give further evidence to the idea that he enjoys investigating undervalued fields of the art-spectrum; many of his portraits (with the blown up eyes) may be mistaken for copycat works of Loretta Lux. Again, many people can think they can pull that stunt off (just browse through Flickr for the proof of this) but very few have the vision, the technique and the finesse to be able to create something good, like Chris Scarborough has. His various photography works of plastic people are no copycat works at all.

Should you be visiting NYC anytime soon, you can have a look at his works at Foley Gallery until may 30 (2008). Judging by what he shows at his site, it’s worth the effort.


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