Dancing about architecture

I read on a website that the quote “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.” is by the actor/comedian Steve Martin. I don’t know why, but I’ve always thought that it was Lenny Kravitz who had said it, even though in my memory it was a critique towards journalists and ‘talking’ was replaced by ‘writing’. Perhaps it’s because the two are so much alike.

Anyway: that quote jumped to mind when I wrote down the following “trying to defining what is art is like oral sex.” In the sense that it does not seem to have any practical purpose at first sight, but it gives masses of people intense feelings of joy and fulfilment.

It does not seem to be very usefull to discuss whether or not something is ‘art’. Some people would even argue that ‘art’ is a very personal notion; it’s impossible to find objective criteria by which you can determine whether or not something is art, so why bother thinking about it? Those people are just too practical (As well as so called’ conflict avoiders’). Arguments about ‘what is art and what isn’t’ can be inspiring, energizing and fun. So, us CultBlenders have decided to develop the ultimate art-test. If a creative work passes the test the work will forever be considered art, if it doesn’t, we hope the maker had a lot of fun with his hobby. Yes, It’s rude. Yes, it’s arrogant. No, it’s not impossible.

We’ll keep you posted on the development of our ‘art-judgement widget’ whether you like it or not. Untill that time, if you wish to knwo whether or not something is art… you’ll just have to visit cultblender.org and we’ll tell you.


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