The Graveyard

screendump Trip FontaineI have a special interest in online storytelling. CultBlender artist JMDKM and myself have written the storyline of ‘Trip Fontaine‘ an online non-linear road novel. Upon completion, it is also a genuine art 2.0 project, where readers (or: visitors) add their own art to the project and thus expand it. Making it a true multimedia experience.

I stumbled across a very poetic online interactive story recently (Even though the makers themselves call it ‘a game’), called ‘the graveyard’. The only character in this story is an anonymous elderly lady who you walk across an ominous graveyard towards a bench. On this bench you sit the old lady down and a Flemish song starts. If this song isn’t your cup of tea, you simply get up and walk out of the graveyard again. End of game. Well, end of the demo game that is. You can also buy the full version which doesn’t add much…or: adds everything. The full version also provides you with the possibility of death. (let’s hope that they do not mean the possible death of your hardware or yourself.)

The images of the short walk are really nice, they give you the actual feel of being on a rainy stormy graveyard at the early evening. visitors that are born ’n raised in the computergame era will undoubtedly start looking for ways to shoot enemies Screendump ‘the graveyard’that jump up from behind tombstones, but I didn’t see any enemies, nor weapons. The walk towards the bench is slow and your character obviously has difficulty walking. Annoying, but you also start to feel sorry for the old lady. Then, when she sits down the song starts playing and a lot of different possible storylines go through your head. That experience is what made The Graveyard worthwhile for me.

Adding to the ‘interactive’experience, from the website you can also click on to the Graveyard forum where I found a very useful link to a graveyard photo-community Death by Light.

Conclusion: I recommend this Graveyard experience to anyone that would liek to have a bit of a poetic online experience.


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