Nude remix

Radiohead has been one of the most innovative bands for years. In the evolution of music since the release of OK Computer and since their latest album ‘In Rainbows‘ when it comes to ‘making a living for yourself as a rockband‘.

ScreendumpIt’s a good thing I’ve taken up the habit of actually going through the thousands of spam e-mails I receive every wee, otherwise I might have completely missed the e-mail that had the subject line: ‘Remix nude for Radiohead’. (Tip: The word ‘nude’ doesn’t do well in most spamfilters.) What’s the e-mail about? Well, Mr. Yorke and friends give their fans the opportunity to buy the several stems of the track (A stem being the separate track of one particular instrument, like the drums keyboard, guitar, bass or vocals).

Buyers are invited to use these tracks to make their own remix of the song ‘Nude’ by Radiohead which is their next single in the UK. These remixes can be uploaded, Remixers can install ‘widgets’ on their personal sites (myspace, facebook etc) to atract extra traffic, their remixes will be judged, visitors can vote for their favorite remixes et cetera. Basically: it all sounds like a very clever and good idea. Radiohead makes a little extra money on their track and by providing a product that their fans will actually love (talk about marketing!) and they will also get a lot of extra PR because of this, which is also very useful when releasing a new single. And all this without losing any ‘streetcredibility’. If there is one thing Radiohead is not, then it’s a bunch of corporate sellouts.

After their innovative ‘download our album and pay as you see fit’ and their In Rainbows video competition, they’ve added another new chapter to ‘music for you and me, not the f#@ing industry.’

You may click here for more information about the Nude remixes.
And should you for some inexplicable reason have a hard time locating it, the top 10 of most popular remixes can be found (naturally) here.


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