Work by Sonja GanlBeing a genius is not about very difficult things, but about very simple things. This is especially true for contemporary art. Brilliant art, more often then not, has an end-result that seems very obvious. Stuff about which many people would say ‘my kid could do that’… Think the readymades by Duchamp, the prints by Warhol or the drip paintings by Pollock. Yes, your kid could probably do all of those… if your kid was a genius. Which he or she most likely is not.

Photo by MArtijn Beekman/ de VolkskrantI am not a hundred percent Belgian curator Jan de Nys is a genius, but I do consider the outdoor exhibition ‘Utopia’ which he curated for the Cultural Center ‘Scharpoord’ to be a brilliant idea. The exhibition is called Utopia and consists of several works all revolving around the ‘suburban ideal’. And what depicts the suburban families pastime more than minigolf? Several European (Belgian, Dutch, German, Austrian and French) artists created their own minigolf track, which are all used as minigolf tracks as well, thereby involving and attracting audiences that would otherwise never show any interest in art. Plus, since the exhibition is situated in one of the poorer areas of Belgian city Knokke, it sort of adds an extra layer of meaning to the exhibition; The ‘have nots’ acting out the suburban dream.

Hopefully the exhibition will travel outside of the Netherlands and Belgium as well.

Contributing artists: Eric Angenot (B), Bisscherouw-Voet (NL), Franck Bragigand (F), Nick Ervinck (B), Sonja Gangl (A), Loek Grootjans (NL), Frank Halmans (NL), HAP (B), Thomas Huyghe (B), Jean Bernard Koeman (B-NL), Fabian Luyten (B), Xavier Mary (B), David Neirings(B), Regine Schumann (D), Lionel Scoccimaro (F), Kevin van Braak (NL), Veronika Veit (D)


3 thoughts on “Minigolf

  1. The Belgian town where the artful minigolf is situated is called Knokke-Heist. That has been its name for well over 30 years now. Furthermore, the surroundings of Scharpoord’s garden-turned-minigolf can hardly be termed “one of the poorer areas”, especially with a flock of multi-million pound villa’s at less than a stone’s throw away. The mind of geniouses, it would seem, runs through ghetto’s of their own imagination.

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