Why you are here

Hey, just forget about the philosophical question ‘why are we here’. I have got something way better than that for you: I am going to tell you why you are here. And with here I mean; on this blog. And with why I mean; statistically speaking. If you read all this… you’ve got wayyy too much free time on your hands. Or you’re one of those lists-of-trivia fetishists. If you are: enjoy.

  1. shepard fairey
  2. female midgets
  3. classic paintings
  4. single female midgets
  5. nude paintings
  6. classic painting
  7. nude painting
  8. obey giant
  9. obey
  10. eric bailey
  11. aaron van erp
  12. female midget
  13. lhc
  14. cradle to cradle
  15. mad about you
  16. painting nude
  17. helmut federal
  18. female painting
  19. female paintings
  20. nude paint
  21. helen hunt
  22. disney hidden messages
  23. fantastic paintings
  24. scary abstract art
  25. fantastic painting
  26. obey propaganda
  27. streetart
  28. emotional artists
  29. alcohol poetry
  30. folk art
  31. postmodern painting
  32. figure paintings
  33. marjolijn de wit
  34. scary paintings
  35. classic painters
  36. lonely painting
  37. nude female figure
  38. kendrick mar
  39. modernist painting
  40. female figure paintings
  41. female figure painting
  42. federle
  43. new abstraction
  44. nude female painting
  45. contemporary figure painting
  46. helen hunt nude
  47. phenomenology
  48. “sven kroner”
  49. female figure
  50. gun paintings

If you made it all the way down here… you are scary. And in for some good news. Because what would follow a ‘why are you here’ list? Exactly! A ‘where are you going’ list… but please be patient… the wait is half the fun.

Edit: oct. 2008:
Obviously this list is enormously outdated. A new update will follow, as soon as there is something interesting to say.


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