Stop sending David Choe money please

One of the better decisions I made during my wanderings around Amsterdam was walking into the Atheneum magazine store at Spui square and buy Juxtapoz magazine a couple of years ago. Needless to say, I have been buying it ever since. Every time I see work of new amazing artists I might never have heard of otherwise. One of the artists I ‘discovered’, even though I would probably have seen his art sooner or later (I’m guessing ‘later’), is David Choe. David Choe is a unique artist with a unique problem; fans keep sending him money.

Falling for Grace - David ChoeSome weeks ago David wrote an unusual request on his blog to his fans to stop sending him money (quote: “unless your just being nice, and you want to take care of me and watch me enjoy my life.”). The reason David wrote this because he released a new limited edition print called ‘Falling for Grace’, which was way too popular for its own good. The shopping cart system crashed, everybody got redirected to Paypal who suspected foul play and shut the whole enterprise down. People sent money, but received messages that the thing was sold out even though… it wasn’t. Good news is: the webshop is operating again. So go buy your print.

Siamese twins - by David ChoeOh, and should this posting get you wondering about David and you’re thinking ‘darn, why didn’t those CultBlender guys give me a bit mre information about David Choe…’ Well, we have nothing to declare but his genius and everything you would like to know about him you can find on his site.

For those of you that prefer the non-official stuff (like David probably would), you could go here.


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