The reason for our existence

RollercoasterI guess it has something to do with getting or older or something, but I find I’m having more and more discussions with friends about ‘why we are here’? (I do believe that psychologists divide several ‘personality development phases’ in human life and somewhere around thirty there is this ‘re-evaluation of values’ phase. Perhaps this is it…) To be clear, these are not discussions about the (non-) existence of a god, but about our purpose on earth. If you believe that there is a personal god, that does not give you a purpose for being here, it merely provides you with an answer about how you got here. Which is not the same thing.

Religious people however, usually have an answer to the big ‘why’question. We’re here to take care of god’s great earth. God, at the same time, has to watch of all of us to see how we do it. To me that doesn’t make sense. If there is an almighty god, why wouldn’t he/she/it manage the earth him/her/itself and cut out the middle men? If you want something done right you’ve got to do it yourself anyway and just think of all the profits you save…

But seriously. People tend to have a real problem with the idea that there might not be a reason for our existence in life. They confuse ‘reason’ with ‘value’; if our existence has no reason, it must be worthless. That, to me, seems to be utter nonsense. A rollercoaster ride has no purpose. But it most definitely has value. Thousands of people have good jobs in the ‘rollercoaster-industry’. Actually, the rollercoaster analogy is not a bad one at all. I think that are some pretty good similarities between a rollercoaster ride and a philosophy of life, besides both being useless but valuable.

In both cases, when you prepare yourself well at the start and develeop a strategy that suits you, you will enjoy the ride more. Furthermore; it is considered ‘bad manners’ to annoy other people that are enjoying their ride. Terminating other passengers’ ride, is criminal. The more poetic types amongst us would say that both life and ride go through several loops, falls and rises, around sharp bends and can turn you upside down. I myself find this bit of the analogy a bit weak, but still… there you have it. earthQuantum theory suggests that spacetime has no beginning nor an end. Instead, when you get to ‘the end’ you’re actually at ‘the beginning’, just like on earth the most eastern point you can ever reach is also the most western point (darn those circles). So without ever turning aruond a journey in one direction, as long as you travel far enough, will bring you back to where you came from. Such is also the case with a rollercoaster ride.

Life is beautiful. Even thought it might not be useful in ways we can think of with our human minds. Just ‘being’ might just be enough. Live and let live.


4 thoughts on “The reason for our existence

  1. fisserman, i agree with you, although the rollercoaster analogy is a bit worn out…

    …”So without ever turning around a journey in one direction, as long as you travel far enough, will bring you back to where you came from.”…

    i for one wouldn’t want to return to my starting point in life, because there’s just too much life offers me and changes me. that change is what i believe is the essence of the reason to our being here. the experiences, dreams and aspirations, and encouters one has in life contains the evolution of our species [and subsequently the evolution of other species as well, as we have a great impact on all living things around us]. i believe it is this personal evolution of us all that ultimately, at the end of the ride if you will, accumulates into one conscienceness and drives us forward as a species.
    in short all i want to say is: enjoy the ride and seek out the adventures it has to offer.


  2. 🙂 Thank you for your comment!

    I do agree that comparing life with a rollercoaster ride has been, well… ‘done before’. Usually however, the analogy rarely goes further than comparing the ups and downs, twists and turns… which makes it a bit of a cheesy analogy, used in cheap songs. The essence of my comparison goes towards the fact that neither has any purpose except for it’s existence itself. Another thing both -might- have in common is the fact that the ‘journey’ will bring you back to where you came from, which my might not be an appealing to everybody, depending on our view on existence, but that does not mean it might not be so.

    I think your view on the purpose of life is beautiful, but not very likely. I agree that ‘change’ is healthy, natural and ‘good’ thing. It is not a goal in itself.

  3. i agree that change might not be a goal for everybody, but it sure is for me. i wouldn’t want to live in a world where nothing would ever change, including me. so i guess i was just talking about my own experience and view on ‘the meaning of life’. however, i don’t think it is possible to avoid or even ignore change, and therefore it is vital that you embrace everything life throws at you. the ride will end eventually, so you might as well make it a good one!


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