Respect ‘em or mock ‘em?

Travelling from home to work takes me about an hour. Since I am a smart person, I don’t commute by car, but I take the comfortable, quick and reliable train. Add all those ingredients together and you get a good recipe for ‘time to read and think’. I usually get my best ideas in the morning, when I’m not yet fully awake. Sometimes I just ponder about trivialities or ‘deep philosophical questions’… Anyway, this morning I was thinking about the following:

The Flying Spaghetti Monster“Most people think it is very funny and naive when certain cultural groups believe they can bring the rain upon performing a rain-dance. Or they can have a successful harvesting when offering rice to a stone-statue. Or they can have a male child when they run around an old oak-tree in their naked bum when the moon is full.
However; we tend to take people seriously that believe they can improve the health of an ill person they do not know by praying to a personal god that listens to all prayers and acts upon them. They believe so, even when all scientific research ever conducted has proved that this has no effect at all (not for the ill person anyway).”

Finger of god, MichelangeloSo, why do we take one, erm… ‘outlook on eternity’ seriously and make fun of others? And not even the people that are deeply religious themselves, but so called non-believers or ‘infidels‘ as well. Why do we have more respect for -say- ‘christians’ than for people who claim to believe in the flying spaghetti monster? (there is no doubt in my mind that there are some Pastafarians that take their religion seriously by now… otherwise; how did scientology start?).

And if we agree that we should treat all religions alike, no matter how obscure, should we take all religions seriously or should we all make fun of one another? ‘Making fun’ would get my vote. If, however extraordinarily unlikely, there should be a god ‘up there’ somewhere, I am sure he/she/it has a great sense of humour (again: How else can you explain Scientology?).


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