Artists block: Gawker

My blog is more and more about myself, which is not a good development…. I should dedicate my life to the greater good of art and not try to glorify myself, dammit! But, perhaps a couple of more personal posts will also help some other artists out there. “Well, I may be bad, but at least I’m not as bad as him…” that sort of thing. False modesty is modesty too.

Gawker artistsAnyway; I’m actually beginning to believe that positive things happen to people with a positive attitude. (that’s ‘the secret’… or actually: that’s a quantum physics theory) Today I got an e-mail from the nice, fantastic, wonderful, creative people at that from today I am officiallya Gawker artist! And that really also feels like a bit of extra appreciation. And that’s what we artists want: not wealth, but recognition. (well, a bit of wealth wouldn’t be bad either actually) And yesterday afternoon the canvasses I ordered arrived, a week to soon.

Things are running smoothly this month. So much so, that I might not even get round to either finish reading that Stephen Hawking book ‘The universe in a nutshell’ (bit of namedropping there) or celebrate my birthday. Hopefully all this won’t mean that I’ll start making crap happy art now.


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