Arists block, part 2

How things can change overnight. Wow, that would be a beautiful pay-off for those UPS or Fed-Ex guys wouldn’t it? Perhaps I should try selling it to them. But I am sure that you are not here to read about how I would like to sell my soul to the devil. Just before my poetically beautiful post about ‘female midgets’ I wrote about artists block, the arty equivalent of writers block. Life as an artists sucks when you’ve got artists block. You get used to the feelings of doubt about the qualtiy of your work, the necessity of your creations, the briliance o your ideas, but when you’ve got artists block, you’re actually proving yourself right. You must be the worst artist since…. <please fill in ou own most despised artist>.

Someday supercomputers will decipher how genes work - Erwin FisserBut, as I said, things can change dramatically overnight. It started when the gallerist with whom I had a show rang the doorbell. Even though my show was no big commercial success, his gallery would like to keep on representing me as an artist. Hurrah. After that, I got a few paying assignments writing the copy for some websites. Not my big dream (copywriting), but it will certainly help in paying for canvasses and extra paint. At the midweek job, there was a mice infestation. The stench of mouseshit and -piss was intolerable. But, they’re sorting that one out today and for the rest, things seemed to have gine well during the days I have been ill, so things are looking up over there as well.

Which leaves the most important bit: the actual creation of glorious, humbling art works. For the first time since a couple of weeks I have loads of ideas again. My fingers actualy start tingling when I think about painting. When I’m at work I can actually daydream about picking up a can of pain and giving it a good cuddle… okay; that’s sick, but you get the general idea. I can safely say that the artist block has gone. Artworld: beware.


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