Female midgets

Midget wrestler DagmarI love this feature in WordPress where you can see what people were searching for, upon opening one of the posts you wrote. Yesterday, not once but twice (yes: twice in one single day), someone typed the words ‘FEMALE MIDGETS’ (yes, in capitals) and ended up one of my posts.

Haven’t got a clue why. Haven’t got a clue which one. I’m actually dying to read it myself now. If you are the one that searched for female midgets, Could you please let me know if you found what you were looking for on my blog? I won’t judge. I really won’t…. (as to be expected: the number of readers looking for information on ‘(single) female midgets’ has increased dramatically since two days… well, I welcome all readers…)

Anyway; no knowledge is useless (or: al knowledge is useful). And because the two fine people that ended up in my little corner on the internet, today I have also learned something knew; a female midget is called; a ‘gidget’ . Thank you wikipedia.

On wikipedia I also found out that, apparently, there is this big (mind the pun) thing in the world about ‘midgets wrestling’ . Wrestling legend ‘André the Giant‘ is rumoured to have wrestled no less than six midget wrestlers (if there were any gidgets present, wikipedia does not say) at the same time. And I did write a piece about streetart hero Shepard Fairey once. And Shepard Fairey has posted stickers with Andrés face all over the world. Could that perhaps complete the circle? We just might never know….


12 thoughts on “Female midgets

  1. Actually, midget is a bad term to use. Its like calling a black man the “N” word, an irish a mick, or saying wetback, retard etc. The correct term is dwarf. Now when I first learned this myself I thought dwarf was derogatory, but no. I just found out my baby girl is a dwarf and have learned alot about this so far. They arent novelties, they are people whos dna decided to do a hiccup and create small stature. (unless a dwarf has a baby then its a 50/50 chance they will become dwarfs too) Just regular people with the same hopes and dreams in just smaller packages. So please be kind with the words you use. My baby girl is going to have to face that one day. thanks

    1. Hi Jennifer, thank you for your comment. I all honousty, I thought that ‘midget’ is the current politically correct phrase and that ‘dwarf’ was considered an insult. But I guess that stuff keeps changing. Anyway; neither is meant to be an insult. Not from me anyway. I’ll try and be more sensitive about it. Your daughter is lucky to have such a mother.

  2. It was my understanding that originally there was a difference between dwarf and midget. A dwarf had short arms and legs but an average sized torso, and midgets were proportionally small. With time midget came to be regarded as derogatory and Dwarf and eventually “Little Person” became to prefered term.

  3. Looking for a little person to love and get married to tried little people.com ne responces I have always thought little people where sexy

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