You are a thief

Hello reader, do you have internet access at your work? Then you are probably a thief. A couple of weeks ago (yes this is old news, but hey: I have a life too…) the very creative accountants at Ernst & Young calculated that the average employee spends five and a half hour per week on all sorts of personal stuff during work hours. I only know for sure that this information applies to the Netherlands, but we’re usually not much worse than the rest of world. And since you’re probably reading this posting at work yourself… who are you to judge, right?

Ernst and Young building, NYCE&Y has a VP for ‘ICT Leadership‘ (that guy must be AMAZING at excel sheets, the music on their website is pretty cool too) a mr. J. Verschuur and I say him on the news saying that ‘workers that do personal stuff while at work are thieves’. Working at a large accountancy firm I think it is safe to assume that he knows a thing or two about theft. So, what should we do know, corporate monkeys? I say; block all and every site that resembles anything like ‘gmail’, ‘myspace’, ‘wordpress’ (yes, that one too) and let’s all start staring at those excel sheets again, for eight hours a day.

Or, in case you have missed the irony, we can conclude that E&Y are idiots and mr. Verschuur a bit thick. I am not always this cool and talented blogging, visual artist. Three days a week I have a regular job (at an NGO, I’m still credible…) and my employer seems to be very happy. I do what is asked of me -and a little extra-, I don’t mind to be called during my ‘days off’ for a quick question, and I have become very handy at working with computers. Which is good, since at our offices we don’t have an IT person, and I can solve a lot of problems for my colleagues. Last weekend I was thinking about my NGO-job for almost two entire days because some nitwit at a conference we were supposed to be attending f-ed up and I wanted to solve things.

I would like to welcome E&Y to the twenty-first century. A lot of employees nowadays, especially the ones that have creative or communicative jobs (so perhaps not accountants) have a very thin line between work and their private life. Those couple of hours during the week I spend on, or I easily make up for during the days that I’m painting or blogging.

Oh, and in case my boss is reading this as well… it’s my day off today.
And in case you’re an E&Y employee; stop losing those laptops…


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