Holy Monsoon

In my last couple of postings that were about art (if you skip some of the nonsense articles, you’ll end up there) I wrote about how the artists used paint. How they made you see things that weren’t there, with the almighty powers of suggestion. Also, for all those articles it was quite easy to find more background information about them. For this posting… things are slightly different.

Ohio Style - Joey Monsoon www.joeymonsoon.comJust a couple of minutes ago I stumbled across some images by American artist Joey Monsoon on the Juxtapoz website. Juxtapoz did a small article on him, mainly because he’s been buying all the copies of Juxtapoz from newsstands since Winter 1994. Which is quite an achievement, I won’t disagree. Fortunately they also added a work he made himself, called ‘Ohio style’, which immediately grabbed my attention and a link to his website. On his site I found a lot of really cool works, yet little information. His artist statement “i draw heads. and knuckles.”didn’t help me much either, even though it did make me laugh. And at the same time, it made me think. I was seriously doubting whether I would write a post on his work (which I think is great) on the basis of the question ‘is there enough information about his work to write about’? In short; I was in danger of becoming an art theory fetishist instead of remaining an art lover. And I love his art damn-it!

Gut Hole - Joey Monsoon www.joeymonsoon.comHis cartoonish style works have that edgy streetart feel to them. Looking at his works I got that buzz in my stomach I have when I discover a really cool piece somewhere in a slightly hidden place. I caught myself murmuring ‘oh wow’ a couple of times going through his site. From his website I also wound up on his own (wordpress) blog. On that site he also posted a picture of a first stage and finished ‘saint’ he did for a live painting event. I love seeing unfinished works and not just because I learn a lot from them, but also because they reveal a lot about the process of creation. You can this artist’s work in progress here.

Superfoe - Joey Monsoon www.joeymonsoon.comYou can see the finished works, real life at chop chop gallery and skylab gallery and if you are going to see it, I envy yoo. So, dear reader, not too much background information in this posting, just my expression of admiration for Joey Monsoon’s art and some really great images to go with the letters. I have come to terms with it, and hopefully, so can you. But if you promise not to hold this against me, I’ll promise to try and keep you updated on news. Deal?


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