Quantum Leap, Manhattan

Like I mentioned a couple of postings ago, I account my liking of New York largely to a mild tv addiction. Walking through Manhattan for the first time felt really familiar. You’ve probably seen a cheesy flick or read a cheap novel where at some point someone says: “It felt like coming homing to a place where I’d never been.” It was something like that.

A very cosmopolitan thing to be able to say to people: “Oh, you’re going to other side of the world? I know a good place to eat.” This works even better in my case, where seemingly everyone I know is turning vegetarian… in some cases with the exception of fish, which actually does not make you a vegetarian at all (…but in the back of my mind, the late mr. Cobain is wailing ‘it’s okay to eat fish ‘cos they, don’t have any feeeeeelin’…). Anyhow; why does that work even better? Because the ‘place to eat’ in this case is a very vegetarian friendly place and those kind of places are a teeny bit harder to find than a ‘cow and chicken processing’ cholesterol palace. I’m talking about ‘Quantum Leap‘ in the West Village.

Photo by Hubert Steed - http://www.pbase.com/hjsteed/3rd_streetI visited that place a couple of times, because of the great ambiance, the friendly staff, the nice location… but the main reason is: they make absolutely breathtakingly, apetite fulfillingly(?), gorgeous food. I don’t vegetarian beacuse I don’t like the taste of meat, I love it. When I eat vegetarian food it is because of my poor conscious. The vegetarian options at Quantum Leap however are so incredibly good that I would turn full time vegetarian straight away, would I live anywhere near that place. Best burgers I ever ate, but no one gets hurt. But the same goes for all the other meal options we’ve tried.

Quantum Leap alone is plenty of reason for me to want to go back to Manhattan. And I haven’t even told you about Gobo restaurant in the West Village yet… what a yummy place!


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