What’s the point?

I guess a lot of people, at one time, once thought “what’s the point to it all?”. I mean, to me that just goes to prove that you’re a normal, intelligent human being. You get aware of the fact that you’re just an incredibly tiny speck in this big universe, living for merely a micromoment in eternity. And if you think about how amazingly unimportant your entire existence seems to be… how much of a big deal should you make out of being on time for that appointment? Or trying your best at that assignment your boss or your teacher gave you? What does it all matter? Some people might think that those questions are just residue from puberty, but I don’t think so. I think it is a good thing to relativate your role in the grand scheme of things. Which is an entirely different thing than getting ‘bummed out’ by it and decide to not bother with anything ever again because.. “well, there’s no point, is there?”.

There is another reason to try your best at something than because it is ‘important’. And by that I do not mean anything religious; the whole idea of the existence of a personal God seems completely inplausible to me. What I mean is; trying your best is good for yourself. If you look around you, you only see things that are constantly developping. Plants grow stronger, animals learn, and -it seems- even the universe itself is still growing. And on a timescale larger than our lifetime; changing and evolving is the very heart or existence,reproduction and evolution itself.

I guess it could very well be that there is, in fact, no point to our existence. Then again; there is no point to a rollercoaster either. Which does not mean that it isn’t fun. It gets even more fun when you go for it with the right attitude; hands up in the air, screaming and not throwing up on any of the other people who just want to enjoy their ride as well. And as for the ultimate question about ‘why do we exist’, I’m sure there’s a reason, not so sure that there’s a purpose but it shouldn’t change your attitude in life. Just be the best you can, don’t bother others and leave the rollercoaster a bit cleaner than it wsa when you got in. (how soppy is that?)


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