Thank you all, it’s been great

How many blogs are out there on the www, you think? a million? Ten million? A hundred million? i guess the stats are out there somewhere, but, in all honestly, I can’t be bothered to go and search for it. I’m no professional blogger, just a well meaning amateur so I need to make efficient use of my blogging time. So when something can safely being assumed (like: the correct number of blogs out there is ‘a f#*ing lot’) I will safely assume it. Should some reader out there have the correct information; please leave a comment. I will not hesitate to post it, no matter how obscure the source.

Anyway; considering the vast number of blogs out there, it is ridiculous to assume that writing a blog is your ticket to fame. After browsing through a lot of blogs out there, I somehow get the idea that the majority of bloggers out there seem to assume that they are addressing a world audience (indeed, guilty as charged, I myself am not innocent to that crime). Why, god why? I think it is the ‘pop-idol’ gene at work. -Should you not be aware of that dreadful television show where mostly untalented wannabe popstars sing awfull songs for even less adequate jury members, consider yourself blessed- Everybody wants to be famous. And we’ve all heard stories about how people accidently got naked in front of their webcam and shot to instant, yet dubious, international stardom. Sometimes reaching an audience of millions.

Well, my fellow bloggers, the key to such an audience lies in the ‘getting naked’ part. In your blog you only reveal yourself intellectually and on purpose. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Some of your blogs (unlike mine perhaps) are actually quite good.However, ‘a good read’ is not what people are after while surfing the world’s electronic waves. The want controversy, cheap thrills, that sort of stuff. (they also want games, movies and downloads, all of which cost a helluva lot of bandwith, which -face it- you cannot afford) So please do not get disappointed by the seemingly low amount of page views you get on your blog. Just write as well and enjoyable as you can, promote it when applicable and enjoy the, perhaps, couple of hundred of pageviews you get monthly.

Don’t give up, just because you’re not shooting up to stardom. The world belongs to us. Hell yeah!


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