The grafitti kids are cool

If it ever was: grafitti artists are the salt of the earth no more. These mainly self-taught artists bring a whole new energy, vibe and social relevance into white cubes all over our planet. A new name (at least: new for me, a little research shows he’s already quite a household name in the artworld.) : Conor Harrington.

Conor HarringtonConor started doing grafitti when he was fourteen. And even though he is an exception to the ‘self-taught’ rule (Conor attended an art college), the other qualifications, energy, vibe and social relevance apply to him too. He mainly paints the male figure, which is something to be noted nowadays. In his works he mixes the academic fine art techniques and materials with the rugged aerosol style. His male figures are often agressors, or at least military figures. Fitting for the fine art education, but if you mix in the streetart ingredients it suddenly becomes extra exciting and you can almost feel a protest against modern day superpowers. It’s exciting stuff and if you’re nowhere near, for example the Lazarides Gallery or the Stolen Space, both in London (which as I’ve seen , also on his website have regularly featured his works), I defintiely recommend you check out his webspace.


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