Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia

Just came back from a couple of weeks in Australia. Not that I’m going to bore all of you with my travel tales. Just wouldn’t be appropriateFitzroyte, would it? But since I know that Australia is such a popular place for Europeans to got to, I just wanted to provide with one little piece of advice. Be sure to visit Melbourne and definitely do not miss out on a walk through Fitzroy. And I’m not talking about a leisurely half hour stroll here. This very bohemian and cosmopolitan area is a must visit for anyone who has any interest in arts and culture at all. The place just buzzes. And not too many tourists there yet either.

So take my word for it; check out the fabulous street art, the cool (vintage) clothing and music stores, the market on Rose St. (you won’t get better prices on genuine art anywhere I think) and definitely get some cheesecake at Babka on Brunswick St. You may thank me later.

Babka Streetart 1

Streetart 2

If you’d like more -up to date- info on Fitzroy, I’d recommend a visit to the Fitzroyality blog.


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