Announcement: Sylvia Ortiz Domney

Coming up on; an online exposition by New Mexican artist Sylvia Ortiz Domney. For those of you who can’t wait any longer, following is an outtake from the interview I had Sylvia.

CB: what are the main influences in your work?

In the Dreamscape - Sylvia Ortiz Domney“The major influence on my art style is Folk Art and Ancient Sculpture – Folk Art because I so love the idea of the visual work being created by all people, not only from a specialist – Folk Artists, Self Taught and the ancient sculptors primarily create art from a need to speak of their immediate world and the spiritual world – there is a power in their works. It is that immediate understanding of the power of their work that I find so compelling.”

CB: Is there a message in your art? And if so, what is it?
“I don’t believe that there is a difference between the actions of an artist or a secretary, which is what my work was before starting my art career. Our actions in life, either as a positive force or negative force, are the important things of our lives. It is not what I paint, just as it is not important if I go to church – what is the Important Message is how I treat people, do I feel compassion and empathy for the lives, not only of my loved ones, but for the man, woman, and child from another culture and nation.”

CB: You said your main artistic influence is folk art, how does that compare to your using mdoren technology for your art, like photography and computer?

Milton Studies - Emergence, Sylvia Ortiz Domney“The use of the Internet, I think is in itself an art form, it is the new canvas about and for the human race – It is a remarkable liberation of the creative force in humans, both as communication, image making, and political power. The computer, coupled with the Internet, is used my millions of people to create their individual art and talking space. People do art now that never thought to do so before, thousands of people write now because they have an online community to speak to. I use the internet, like everyone else to reach other people, to share my visual creations with someone else and to see what other artists and people are creating – As to the “quality or what is good and what is bad, those titles are not important to me, what is important is the excitement and the idea of the democracy and freedom to expression.”

You can read the entire interview and the online exposition of Sylvia Ortiz Domney recent works on soon.


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