Got something to compensate perhaps?

Not-so-Breaking news: The world as we know it may soon come to an end. Not by nuclear warfare, terrorism, a comet falling on the earths surface or because of global warming… but by the hand of a couple of hundred scientist who perhaps have to compensate for a small ‘wiener’. November 27 of this year the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will be switched on. Us proud Europeans will then officially be the proud ‘owners’ of the world largest partical accelerator. some really smart science geeks will use this thing to smash elemetary parts into each other with encredible speed. Yeah dude! Go Hardon Collider!

Worst Case Scenario for these tests: that somewhere in the Geneva are we end up with a black hole… which would be bad news. (Could somebody please get Homer away from the controlpanel….) At least the people at CERN (responsible for this enormous fallus) are honoust about it; the admit they don’t know what will happen when they spead up these particles to eventually smash them into each at aproximately the speed of light. Could be dark matter (which is what about 95% of the universe is made of), could be new dimension (anybody remember the tv series ‘Sliders’? yeehaw!), could be….ehrr… nothing, or it could be a forementioned black hole.

Image of the LHC

Is there reason to panic? Probably not. Particles travelling at incredible speed already arrive at good old planet earth from time to time for millions of years already… and we’re still here. So why this blog about it then? Well, because it intrigues me… When I think about nature, I think about trees, animals, the circle of life, that sort of thing… and besides that I have my views on life-after-death and eternity, that sort of stuff… How would these scientists look at this? If you’re working on finding answers to the great questions, is their still wonder in a mother duck defing her little chicks against a grey herron (I saw this scene on my way to work this morning, the herron did not stand a chance. Hurrah)? Anyway, just wanted to share. Oh, and science geeks: you’re doing a great job a salute you… never mind the little wiener.


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