Birds and bullets

This is not a fanblog, but still… some things are just too good not to tell the entire world about.
I have recently become a great fan of the work of Eric Bailey since I had a look at his site after seeing his painting ‘Heavy’ in Juxtapoz.

*Edit 2014: is now closed down, bu you can still have a look at it in the wayback machine.

Work by Eric BaileySo what is it about his work that I… erm… ‘dig’? Well it’s fantastic painting skills combined with his slighty different and perhaps unsettling subjects. ‘Heavy’ is a painting of a nude, vulnerably female figure, painted in soft colors, holding a machine gun with flowers.

Work by Eric Bailey

I’d say his works are a perfect mix between street art and classic painting. They’re intense, beautiful and you get a real sense that there is a hidden message in there somewhere, even thought you’re not quite sure what it is… well, perhaps if you’re a true art critic you might make something interesting of it. I just know what I like.

Why not do yourself a favour and go check it out? For those of you that are not convinced or just too damn lazy, I’ve copied and pasted one of his works with this article.
Hope you’ve enjoyed it.


4 thoughts on “Birds and bullets

  1. Happened to google “classic paintings” and was surprised to see this lovely work. I am not an artist but I know it when I see it. Skill and creative vigor are very apparent in the work. I love the colors and the pose, the choice of perspective and the subdued or maybe even outright eroticism. I would love to have such a beauty to grace my humble home. Kudos!

    Tony Arjona – Richmond, VA

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