Art 2.0

I guess most of us know by now what ‘Web 2.0 ‘ means, right? In idealistic terminology we’d call it ‘the people are in control’ (which, obviously, is probably a lie, but it’s a nice lie….).

CultBlender aims to help revolutionize the artworld. Indeed, we’re pretty ambitious. It’s time for art 2.0; ‘giving control over art back to the people. It’s all very 2007; Users as designers, audience generated content you name it, we got it. Taking control away from the powers that be, anarchy in the creative industry… As they would say in Seinfeld: “yada, yada, yada.”

Web 2.0 sounds really great, but it also means we’ve ended up with a whole lotta crap, clotting up our beautifull communication highway. We wouldn’t and couldn’t want to do that to the art world (also because art is not democratic like the web should be). So let’s just see art 2.0 as philosophy. Involve people with art as much as you can, you can even let them steer a bit…. just keep your foot near the brake.


2 reacties op ‘Art 2.0

  1. Web 2.0 is not crap if it’s not overdone and clear to the website visitor. But like websites build with Flash, there are often new elements of navigation and interaction which are confusing for website visitors. It will be a matter of time before some standardisation will come into Web 2.0’s extra goodies.

    A nice modern website which has good Web 2.0 add on’s like customisation of your own news and information is the news section of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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