Who owns what?

Ever tried to copy a Disney product? If you did, hopefully you have a couple of great lawyers standing by. The company that made afortune on copying fairytales as Snowwhite will have ‘none of that’. They figure: we thought it up, we designed it, if anyone’s going to make a buck of it… it’s us. Is that so unfair? Perhaps not.

What about a company that takes the genes of corn, a product that has evolved over millions of years and modifies it a bit. Nature still did 99,99% of the work but some science geek did something to it… does that mean this company ‘owns’ that corn? Can they actually deny farmers the right to grow that corn?

What about a company that builds a waterreserve in natural stream to purify the water. Does that company ‘own’ the water?

Ownership is a strange thing. by the way, the image I posted with this article isn’t mine…. I didn’t even ask permission.

Ollien de gullie die van hullie ok oit olling


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