Relevance is moving

Isn’t this what art is all about? Moving people, getting them in motion… getting them involved perhaps. Or is that only the case with ‘political’ art? I guess it could be kind of difficult to see how non-figuratie paintings would get you in motion, no matter how good (or brilliant even) those paintings would be (think Pollock or Rothko). But let’s not get into that… I apreciate art hat tells me a story or sends out a message more than art that just looks/sounds/feels nice. An artist friend described it as such: “those works are just no longer relevant” and I agree with that.

I think I can safely classify the CultBlender United project as a relevat art-project. The aim is to get people involved and actively take part in this Global Village (anyone else hate that term?)… getting creative people worldwide to wor together on art projects to provide them with an opportunity to show their art in places where they’ve never been… This all may sound a bit soft, but at least it’s relevant.

What’s wrong with the world today


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